Panorama du village de Malaucène au pied du Versant Nord du Mont-Ventoux


Malaucene Village of North-Vaucluse,Gallery Photos

panorama du village de Malaucene et des colline de la Drome

Le Vaucluse


Malaucène 84350 - Population: 2 691 inhabitants Elevation mini. 238 m - maxi. 1132 m

Located 9 km south of Vaison-la-Romaine and 18 km north of Carpentras via the D938

Malaucène, is located at the foot of North Slope Mont Ventoux , this was the summer residence of Pope Clement V. It left in its wake the church Saint Michel and Saint Peter he erected in 1309 style mix Romanesque and Gothic. it retains its organ buffet gilded wood (1639), The Chapel of Groseau at the foot of the Ventoux D97 starting point of the ascent of Ventoux North Slope is the last vestige of a monastery dating from the VII ° destroyed by Saracens and then rebuilt in the XI, Pope Clement V made ​​several visits there. 
Malaucene is the starting point for many hiking and horse rides to the Mont Ventoux. 
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To visit: 
Gothic church with remains of carved fortifications.Chaires and organ historique.Demeures and the ramparts of the old city (XVI and XVIII) Clock Tower (1539), Chapel of Groseau (XII), source Groseau, llamas breeding farm. The winter festival at Mont Serein. 
Tennis, mini golf, fishing, horse riding, climbing, skiing, paragliding and hang gliding, botanical trails, hiking in the forest of Malaucène (guided tour by an official of the Organization National Forest) 
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