Le chateau du Barroux et les dentelles de Montmirail

Le Barroux

Le Barroux,village du Comtat-Venaissin,Photos gallery

le village du Barroux situé entre les dentelles de Montmirail et le Mont-Ventoux

Le Village du Barroux

Le Barroux 84

Population :656 inhabitants altitude: Min. 218 m – Max. 670 m

Located 12 km north-east of Carpentras via the D938, between es Dentelles and Mont Vent-enoux and V ouse Romaine , this hilltop village offers a panorama on the plain of Comtat-enVenaissin , the Vaucluse mountains , Laces of Montmirail and Mont Ventoux. T he castle overlooking the village, dates from the twelfth century, that was a powerful dungeon, surrounded by thick walls that protected the plain against Saracen and Italian invasions. it belonged to the Lords of Baux, then passed into the hands of many noble families,

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In 1944 the occupation troops, wanted to perform civilian hostages. Finally the leader of the German detachment had burned the castle. It burned for 10 days. We were August 24, 1944, the eve of the liberation of Paris ... That did not discourage provided its new owners who began restoration work in 1960.qui are still ongoing.

Hobbies: pedestrian excursions, horseback, bike and mountain bike, through the laces of Montmirail and Ventoux mountains, climbing, tours of the cellars and viticultural area Vaucluse