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Le village d'Aubignan,Vaucluse

Le Vaucluse


Population:3.877 habitants Superficie : 1 570 ha

Located 6 km north of Carpentras via the D7 and9 km south of Gigondas and the Dentelles of Montmirail

Located between Carpentras and Close to Beaumes de Venise and the famous vineyards of the Côtes Rhône.Aubignan is made ​​of hills and valleys, the village retains some vestiges of its ramparts of the fourteenth century. 
The old village knew kept some beautiful vestiges or monuments : As the Gate of France which supports the village clock and its wrought iron campanile. A few steps Hall is housed in a building of the seventeenth century. 
The original church is Romanesque Aubignan, 
Aubignan is a major producer of seedlings and transplants vineyards. exported around the world

To visit: 
Porte de France: the clock tower with campanile Eglise Ste Victor.Ancienne halls to wheat (1728), former Hôtel-Dieu (1745), Chapel of St. Sixtus (XII) Entertainment: Christmastide evening (traditional provencal flute concert ) in December. 
Hobbies: Tennis, fishing, walking and horse riding. 
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