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Orange "la Romaine", roman theater, the triumphal arch, Via Agrippa, Photos and video

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Le Vaucluse: history of Provence, Roman theatre and arch of triumph ,Orange

ORANGE 84100

Population: , 29 135 Inhabitants, Altitude : Min; 24m — Max: 127m

On the A7 motorway and N7 is 600 km from Paris and 100 km from Marseille

City of art and history, Orange is rich in history: At the entrance of the city, the Arch of Triumph with its three arches (26-27 AD) rises majestically.Another marvel, listed global monument: Antique Theatre. Built at the beginning of the Christian era, 
it is the only Roman theater in Europe to have preserved its stage wall. Today it still welcomes thousands of spectators within the chorégies or concerts or cultural events.

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Historic sites to see: 
Roman Theatre. Arc de Triomphe. 
Museums, walks Museum of Orange (ancient civilization) .The Colline St Eutrope: very pleasant walk leading to a general view of the city. 
Bowling. Pool. Golf. Bike rental. festival concerts and operas in the ancient theater 
Hotels. Furnished. Camping. Restaurants.

Video of the Roman théatre of Orange