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Uchaux mountains and village of Haut Vaucluse, Photo Gallery

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UCHAUX 84100

Uchaux(84100), 1 386 Inhabitants, altitude: 100 m min: 46 m - max: 285 m

Located: 9 km north of Orange by D11

Surrounded by forests and vineyards to the limit of the Drôme , This is a village with a large territory and habitat distributed in several hamlets scattered on hills and wooded valleys. The town of Uchaux covers a vast area consisting of plains, hills and forests.

There is little doubt that the terroir of Uchaux as its surroundings, has known occupation since prehistoric times and the Ligurian and Celts tribes have established, and that the Phoenicians it up the Rhone are retarded. But the traces left by these distant epochs are too rare that we can draw objective conclusions about the occupation of the municipal territory. It was not until the Roman period and remains found along the Via Agrippa, which linked Lyon to Arles and the current D11 route follows in part, to attest to settlements in the north, to the location of Farjons around the oppidum of Castellas and in the fertile plain south of Galle. It is no doubt then that he must connect the etymology of the name of the town, octavis, even if it appears for the first time in writing that the twelfth century. Is it the trace of an eighth milestone or reference to a land where everyone would have been imposed on the basis of the eighth of its revenue? Historians also formulate other hypotheses about the etymology of the name of Uchaux. The first occupants of the land practiced the traditional cultures of the region, vines and olive trees, and breeding in wetlands.

The Castellas Its imposing ruins dominate the surrounding plain. The architecture of these remains are well worth a short climb by an easy access trail in the heart of Mediterranean vegetation.

La Chapelle Saint Michel Well than isolated on its site near the ruins of Castellas, she was still in the middle of the nineteenth century the only parish of the municipality.

Parish Saint Roch At Hameau Des Farjons 
This church, now closed to the public, said that the hamlet has obtained the creation of his own parish in the mid-nineteenth century.

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