l'eglise du village de caderousse,vaucluse

Caderousse Village, Haut-Vaucluse

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Population: 2 735 habitants, Altitude: 27m min: 23m - max: 40m

At 6 km from Orange , Caderousse is a village built in an old loop of the Rhone and protected by a dike three meters high, built in 1856 to protect the village from the Rhone floods. two gates in the dam to allow access: The door Léon Roche, or door of Orange and Castelan door. Long is the dam of 1716 meters, it has a height of 9 meters above the low water level, or 1.10 meters above the water level.

To visit: 
The banks of the Rhône. Dike "Batardeu" .Chapelle St Martin (XI). Chapel of St. Michael Gramont.Eglise. 
Hiking. ATV. Equitation.Pêche. Ironing voile.Animations summer.