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Beaumont du Ventoux: 84340 - Population: 311 h. altitude : Min. 357 m — Max. 1 900 m (au Mont-Serein- Mont -Ventoux)

Nearby villages: Malaucène (6 km), Entrechaux (12 km), Suzette (15 km), Bédoin(20 km).Le Mont-Serein

Between Vaison and Carpentras by the D938, then the D153 6 km east of Malaucene.
Located at the foot of the giant of Provence Mont Ventoux , Beaumont du Ventoux is the town that houses the Mont Serein ski resort Slope North Ventoux. The village consists of nine hamlets scattered about 8 km from the Valley closed, they called: the Church, Les Cabanes, Piolon, Pierlaud, La Tuilière, Valettes, Sainte-Marguerite, The Alazards. The ninth hamlet has existed for thirty years in the ski resort of Mont Serein (altitude 1400 meters).

the Rieufroid, small river irrigates the valley and follows it irrigates the orchards of cherry trees known, The Beaumonais living from agriculture.

the Romans exploited the Combe de Maupas quarries for the construction of monuments of Vaison-la-Romaine.

the winter sports resort of Mont Serein is accessible via the D 974 from Malaucène.
Le Mont Serein is a protected area (biosphere). It is possible in the summer to meet flocks of sheep transhumance. bighorn sheep stand on the ridges, the track we even found a wolf in 2008, A browse: the nature interpretation trail dedicated to the famous entomologist Jean Henri Fabre, a museum which is open to everyone in the village Sérignan du Comtat (5 km north of Orange).

the GR 4 and the GR 91 run through the town towards the slopes of the Giant of Provence (guidebook available at the tourist office)

Nearby villages: Malaucène (6 km), Entrechaux (12 km), Suzette (15 km), Bédoin(20 km).Le Mont-Serein