vue panoramique du village de Caromb au Pied du Mont-Ventoux,Vaucluse


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Caromb,wine village of Comtat Venaissin,Photos Gallery, and Virtual tour 360° ,

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The villages of Comtat-Venaissin,Vaucluse,

CAROMB 84330

Caromb(84330),Population :3 179 inhabitants, altitude:185m min: 129m-max: 453m

Situated between the Mont Ventoux and Dentelles , 12 km north of Carpentras via the D938 then the D21

t the foot of Ventoux Caromb is a fortified village with one of the largest Romanesque churches of Vaucluse, 
the Saint Maurice, built in the XIV and classified in 1849 monument historique.Dans the alleys of the old village, the Belfry proudly displays the coats of arms the city. It is crowned by a wrought iron campanile. At about 5 km towards the Barroux in the pine forest, the Paty dam is one of the few lake in the region very appréciépar fishermen. In the summer swimming is allowed but not supervised. even in summer is dancing with the ginguette, 
the vocation of Caromb is agricultural, with the production of grafts for vineyards. there are also an olive oil mill ,apricot ..

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To visit: 
The Romanesque church of St Maurice fourteenth, Belfry Tower with its bell sixteenth, Museum of old tools vignerons.Fontaines, dam and lake of Paty, The Olive Mill in November Oil 
Interests : 
Tennis, water level arranged, hiking and VTT.Fête cherry in June. 
Restaurants, camping, catering tourism, guest houses