Saint Pierre de Vassols

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Saint Pierre de Vassols: (84330), 442 Inhabitants, Elevation: 212m min: 180m - max: 362m

Located 15 km North-east of Carpentras via the D974.

At the foot of Mont -Ventoux , the village of Saint Pierre de Vassols is located on a hill surrounded by vineyards and orchards Table grapes, cherries, olives and truffles are specialties .The hikers will discover on the paths between river hill, vineyards and cherry orchards and oliviers.des oratories, frescoes adorning the church Barbentan, archaeological sites and many lodgings and guest houses in the town. to extend the discovery of the Pied du Ventoux villages and landscapes for several days.

Hiking, and numerous bike routes on local roads in the vineyards of the Côtes du Ventoux 
Furnished tourism, lodging, Bed and Breakfast