Saint-Marcellin les Vaison,Haut-Vaucluse

Saint-Marcellin les Vaison,village du Haut-Vaucluse,Galerie Photos

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Saint Marcellin les Vaison 84390

Population:343habitants, altitude: 287 m (min. : 200 m) (max. : 444 m)

the heart of the Resort is located on a hill overlooking the river Ouvèze. with a panoramic view on the provencal Drome Mountains 
and the village of crestet well as the old town medieval town of Vaison, it is divided into three hamlets countrymen, many hiking trails from the heart 
of the village. The site, located 2km from Vaison-la-Romaine, was probably occupied by Roman villas that have been found various objects 
of the twelfth century texts attest to a feudal habitat consists of a few habitationss grouped around a fortified town. 
C 'Then a dauphinoise enclave in the Comtat -Venaissin. Saint-Marcellin is attached to the department until late August 1793, 15 days after the formal establishment of Vaucluse! 
Today like other villages of the Voconces, Saint Marcellin lès Vaison life of agricultural production and viticulture. 
The castle "Taulignan" was probably built a Gallo-romainec'est a villa residence which retains a single tower aliasing. 
Nearby is the chapel dedicated to Saint-Marcellin, which remains the bedside. In the eleventh century, the chapel was attached to the land of the Knights Templar, 
Commandery of the Roaix .

pedestrian excursions, The Chapel of St. Magdalene (XVII century). 
1 hotel - 4 guest rooms - 7 houses