Saint Didier,Village

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Le village de Blauvac

Le Vaucluse,Saint-Didier

Saint-Didier 84210

Saint Didier: (84210), 2128 Inhabitants,Elevation: 184m min: 127 m - max: 262 m

6 km south of Carpentras by D4.Situé between Pernes les Fontaines and Venasque

Located between Pernes les Fontaines and Venasque , Saint Didier is a small peaceful village set amid the stunning landscapes of the Monts de Vaucluse . Beautiful walks are to be done through the countryside surrounding the village, particularly by way of the oratories. the stone porch, (end of the main street is topped with a high tower clock. This porch marks the entrance of Thezan castle built in the fifteenth and enlarged in XVIII. The castle was rebuilt in the last century hydrotherapy center is located behind a beautiful fountain

Le jarditrain a découvrir pour les petits et les grands

To visit: 
Fountains and lavoirs.Eglise dating 1758.Chemin oratories. museum of hunting decoys, visit the nougat artisan 
Hiking, hamlet Barbarenc, equestrian (Green Valley Ranch). Tennis. Summer events. Shrine of Saint Gens, Ballade Monts de Vaucluse, The Jarditrain