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Pernes les Fontaines : 84210 Population : 10 405 habitants, Altitude: 82m min: 36m - max: 263m

Located between Isle sur la Sorgue (11km) and Carpentras (6km) and the D938

Located between Carpentras and Isle sur la Sorgue , Pernes les Fontaines is the city of fountains .. 40 ancient fountains, sculptures, colossal or discrete ... She have increased from the second half of the eighteenth century.The more famous are those called the Leg Ferrande near the tower and the Cormoran next to the covered market. pernes fountains cited the Millennium was the capital of venaissin county there are a few streets over the beautiful mansions of the seventeenth and eighteenth, the door Notre Dame portals vestige of the ramparts, the dungeon of the old castle of the Counts of Toulouse the covered hall of the seventeenth. You can linger with pleasure in La Tour Ferrande dating from the thirteenth. You will enjoy splendid frescoes from the same time and can visit the beautiful museum of Comtadin costume with lace, petticoats and other ancient cloths. a bicycle museum it is here that was invented for derailleur gears spent on any bike Read more about Pernes les Fontaines visit the city website:

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La Fete du Patrimoine

Route 40 fontaines.Portes fortified XVth .Tour Ferrande and medieval frescoes of the XIII ° ND de Nazareth Church of the XI covered markets XVII .Tour the clock of the XI.
Art Gallery:
 Galerie du Cormoran :
Music Festivals:
Street Theatre Festival in August Font Art,Heritage Day every 4 years, Hiking and biking. Pool. Tennis. Fishing. Horse Riding. Entertainment cross, mountain biking .........

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hotels, 2 campsites, guesthouses, holiday rentals