Le Thor Village,

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Le village de Blauvac


Le Vaucluse,"Pays des Sorgues",Village of the Thor ,Castel

LE THOR 84250

Population : 8 281 habitants,Altitude: 53m min: 38m - max: 111m

Situé à 5 km à l'Ouest de l'Isle sur la Sorgue par la N100 et à 15 km à l'Est d' Avignon

Thor small town bordering the Sorgue which dates back to the seventh century, it concerve some vestiges of the past, The Church of Our Lady of the Lake watching over the city from the twelfth century. Romane whole, old remparts.subsiste a door and belfry dating from the 19 th century with a wrought iron campanile

3km of Thor, you can walk to Hill Thouzon which is crowned by the ruins 
of a castle and a chapel fortified monastery called "Castle Thouzon" dating from the 11th century. A little further 
Thouzon Cave dates back to the Cretaceous geological period. The cave was discovered by chance in 1902 by the workers. 
It's the only natural cave in the Vaucluse equipped for tourism.

In the twelfth century, the castle belonged to Agoult, Sault counts and the abbey of Saint-André Villeneuve-lès-Avignon owned a church. The walls were built in the fourteenth century, there are still some remains.