L'enclos des Bories à Bonnieux,Luberon

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The enclosure of Bories in Bonnieux, Luberon,

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Enclos des Bories

Enclos des Bories

Enclos des Bories is located between the village of Bonnieux and the drill Cêdres we will accede by road from the forest of cedars and by a signposted dirt track, located on the flanks of the Luberon, facing the village of Bonnieux 
The enclosure Bories is part of the architectural heritage dry stone Vaucluse and Provence Bories scattered in nature adopt circular, oval, rectangular or square pieces are unique, sometimes double, and reduced dimensions. 
We discover many other works such as: 
- threshing Aires - Aiguiers with water recovery system - fully carved in the rock Wells - Apiary "FIPA" - Ovens - Parks for animals - remarkable Walls

these would be the structure of an ancient agro-pastoral complex in the western part of the site is another feature in some small Bories provided with one or two narrow windows expanding outward as meurtrières.il would be the stronghold of the village. The geographical location of Bories offers panoramic views of the surrounding villages, the Calavon valley and the Mont Ventoux . 
From the writings of historians several people shall be sheltered: 
The Vaud during the sixteenth century and the Celts 'were also busy. The enclosure Bories was rescued from the plant invasion, and kept in a state without artifice. An hour for a single journey to the heart of the ancient Provence. this site as well known as the famous village of Bories has alot of interests and charme.dans protected nature. it is worth a visit and a step on your part.

Infos: l'Enclos des Bories
Quartier Le Rinardas, 84480 Bonnnieux,
Tél.: sergeadrian@orange.fr
Accès par la route de la Forêt de Cèdres. Itinéraire fléché