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Le concervatoire des terrasses a Goult

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le concervatoire des terrasses à Goult

Ballade des pierres sêches et du Concervatoire des terrasses de cultures à Goult

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Vaucluse,patrimoine et traditions : les Terrasses de Cultures en pierres séches


Le conservatoire des terrasses de cultures

By taking the path of Roche Redonne Carredone or due south from Mill after twenty minutes walk you come out onto the Terrasses des Cultures Conservatory at altitudes of over five hectares. La Borie, Cistern, the Aiguier, are some remarkable points. 
These terraces appointed by the Provencal "terraces" or "bancau" were built in a natural amphitheater, protected from the Mistral wind and frost by its southern exposure, to near the village. They were an extra cropland of the plain, but fertile flood. 
The terrace cultures associate water, earth and stone. 
The water that irrigates infiltration which is controlled by the catchment runoff in aiguiers. 
The land, which by accumulating, enriches and fine soils. 
The stone removed from the ground, allows of dry stone assemblages characteristic constructions