Le village de Vitolles en Luberon,situé au Sud-Est du Vaucluse,au porte des Alpes de Haute Provence

Vitrolles en Luberon

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Vitrolles en Luberon 84240, Population 186  Inhabitants, altitude: 650 m (min 345 m) (max940 m

Vitrolles is a village clinging to the flank of the Luberon mountain in the valley of Aigues to the limits of the Bouches du Rhône and Alpes de Haute Provence.Localisé on the D33, 18 km northeast of Pertuis and 21 km from Manosque.,

The village occupies a strategic point since it is the crossing point between the south side and the north side of the Luberon, just before the col de Vitrolles to 697 m.Vitrolles is a favorite place for hiking and to go to the discovery of the Massif du Luberon At the crossroads of GR 9 and GR 97, a lodge and cottages will make step in this village in the Luberon Regional Park ... in a far from civilization wild framework