Etang de la Bonde

Located on the Cabrières Aigues Town at the foot of the southern slopes of the Luberon

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Le Vaucluse : place to swim !! south of Luberon,Vaucluse tourism

The pond Bonde to Cabrière Aigues 84390


The pond Bonde south of the massif at the foot of the Grand Luberon and Mourre Negro siitué at the foot of Cabrières d'Aigues . 
It is fed by the source of the Mirail who come Luberon and waters of many small tributary streams Direct 
right bank of the Durance as Eze. The pond is located in the valley of Aigues,

Le Fouquet Agoult lord, Baron de Sault, chamberlain of King Rene of Anjou, Count of Provence, decided to create a reserve of water for the castle ofLa Tour d'Aigues and an aqueduct built in the fifteenth century. The pond was thus constituted the irrigation network supply point which supplied the whole valley of Aigues contributing to the expansion of agriculture.

The lake is open for swimming is monitored from July 1 until August 31 on the main beach west side facing the campsite. 
Depending on the intensity of rainfall and the flow of Eze during the winter, Pond sees its level vary according to the season. 
It is not uncommon that the beaches are drowned under water (2010) or, conversely, that the water level is very low throughout the summer. 
The input this beach is parking fee during the summer but you can park freely to the south dike on the parking of the lake restaurant. 
An outdoor snack and a refreshment bar, next to the campsite, open in high season. Four tennis courts are available all year. 
Activities Quiet off season and conducive to walking through the Aleppo pines that border the pond, this place is very crowded on sunny days 
we can practice canoeing, fishing, pedal boating and all the usual beach games. The practice of windsurfing is possible but be aware that the water is sheltered from the prevailing wind (Mistral NO) by a hill north of the water (no rental). 
residents come to picnic fuck the family weekend in the shade of trees along the west beach. 
The practice of naturism is allowed on the eastern shore of Lake

Tourisme :
A visitez dans un Rayon de 20Km ,les villages et chateaux du Sud Luberon , Ansouis, Lourmarin La Tour d'aigues, Pertuis , Cucuron , Cabrières d'Aigues ,Vaugines , Randonnée vers le sommet du Mourre Nègre par Cabrières d'Aigues