Le Musée de la lavande

84220 à Coustelet

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Vaucluse : The Lavender Museum Coustelet,video,photos

Vaucluse : The Lavender Museum Coustelet

The Lavender Museum, Coustellet 84220

The Lavender Museum was established in 1991 by Mr. Georges Lincelé after a propriètaire family for several generations of a lavender farm. 
Coustellet Located in the heart of Parc Naturel Regional du Luberon. The Lavender Museum is dedicated to fine lavender, you will discover this culture, its history, its virtues, qualities, his avenir.et any value to the lavender, the symbol of Provence. 

It is a space constantly evolving, hostesses or guides, you will learn a demonstration in support to differentiate between lavender and lavender. an audio guide in 9 languages, will guide you at your own pace and discover each single and often rare pieces 
of this collection, botany, history, tradition and agriculture of fine lavender.

To learn about the many virtues of gasoline, the tour ends with a visit to the shop "Le Château du Bois" where you will find 
the products of well being and cosmetics with essential oil of lavender, 100% pure de Haute Provence, Protected Designation of Origin